BAD + Bordeaux
BAD+ Bordeaux
BAD+ Bordeaux
BAD+ Bordeaux

Art Fair


Modern Shapes Gallery  welcomes you to the BAD+ Bordeaux

May 04th - May 07th

115 Quai des Chartrons Hangar 14, 33300 Bordeaux

Paul Bik - Alban Lanore - Enric Mestre - Brigitte Marionneau - Harry Morgan - Alonso Odria - Roger Coll - Andrew Clausen - Antoine Leclercq - Derek Wilson

An iconic renovated industrial building, HANGAR 14, on the banks of the river Garonne, looks onto the world-renowned 18th-century city of Bordeaux.

In hosting its event in the minimalist and functional venue of HANGAR 14, BAD+ embodies this new attitude and mindset based on a clear vision which triggers an intimate experience of pleasure and discovery, where imagination takes over in a setting which is emblematic of the objectives that led to its creation.