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Modern Shapes Gallery is proud to present the new book on Enric Mestre's captivating work.

216 pages
24 x 28 cm, 180 ills. Hardcover.
English / Spanish

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Editor: Michael Francken
Catalog concept: Javier Mestre, Michael Francken
Text : David Whiting , Roman de la Calle
Graphic design: Javier Mestre, Enric Mestre
Photo credits: Manuel Artero, Enrique Carrazoni, Michael Francken, Tang Hongyu, Enric Mestre, Javier Mestre, Juan Ortí

Over the past decades we’ve seen the ceramic arts achieve proper recognition, and how clay has been reclaimed by multidisciplinary contemporary artists as a means of powerful expression. This has had a liberating effect, leading to increased visibility for an often marginalised discipline. This book takes an opportunity to look back at the works of a man who has helped pave the way for a greater artistic exploration of the medium.

Through dedication and commitment Mestre has pushed the technical boundaries of this demanding yet humble material, and helped elevate it to a sculptural art form in its own right. As one of the important artists of the Spanish school, his name is mentioned in the same breath as figures such as Jorge Oteiza and Eduardo Chillida.

His sculpture seem sober, almost austere. But appearances can be deceptive; these objects have a great poetic force that channels the gaze of the beholder. His work invites thought and contemplation. 

Enric Mestre, a studier of space and volumes, has made his mark on the sculpture of the twentieth century and beyond. This book celebrates a master, showcasing his wide-ranging and complex oeuvre. It provides a great opportunity to discover or rediscover his timeless work.

Michael Francken, Modern Shapes Gallery