Group Expo


Monochromatic Summer Exhibition
Modern Shapes Gallery presents a subtle conversation between canvas and ceramic. The work of french artist Julian Arnaud and Berlin based Markus Freidl share a common artistic approach on matter, structure and spatial presence.

EXHIBITION from July 05 till August 26
Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday
From 13:00 to 18:00
Free wine, gin or vermourth tastings every saturday.

Julian Arnaud
Born 1978 in La Baule, France at the edge of the Atlantic.
This self-taught painter and sculptor developed a passion for architecture, Bauhaus, and De Stijl art movements as from the age of 15. He began painting under the influence of those he admired, such as Piet Mondrian and Le Corbusier; then quickly discovered the works of Mark Rothko and Pierre Soulages, as well as those of Constantin Brancusi. Artists who fascinate him by the apparent simplicity of their achievements, both in the choice of shapes, colors, as proportions. He thus naturally creates his universe, marked by a single will: aesthetics. Considering art as a research laboratory, and setting no boundaries in the use of materials, he plays with them by adapting to the constraints they impose on him. For more than 20 years, he will produce works without ever showing them ... 

Markus Freidl 
Born 1973, Germany.
Markus’s work is characterized by intensity and contrast of surfaces and contours. His sculptural vessels are perfectly balanced and both size and shape are in perfect spatial relationship.  Depending on the technical possibilities that the initial design dictates, the vases can be built up or thrown. Instead of ornamenting or decorating, he gives the vessels a different expression through abstract, reduced elements and a few combined stereometric basic forms. Achieving a dramatic shape is more important to me than the effect of a glaze. The dull, dark surface, which can be created using black clay, supports the perception of contour in many light situations. He gives give  a sculptural intrinsic value to each vessel.

Kloosterstraat 16
2000 Antwerpen