Grégoire Scalabre
Grégoire Scalabre
Grégoire Scalabre
Grégoire Scalabre
Grégoire Scalabre
Grégoire Scalabre

G. Scalabre


Modern Shapes Gallery is honored to present Grégoire Scalabre

EXHIBITION from October 24 to November 11
Monday to sunday, from 12:00 to 18:00

OPENING thursday October 24

New Location !
Modern Shapes Gallery
St.Vincent - Kleine Markt 13 - 2000 Antwerpen

The pure geometric forms are encircled by a rim, which once again refers to organic architecture. These creations constitute a new technical challenge, highlighted by the spraying of black marble powder and the metallic sheen of jasper-like bronze patina. With his sculptures, Grégoire Scalabre turns out to be one of the greatest ceramists taking part in the revival of contemporary ceramics. Although close to fine arts and design, his work is first and foremost the work of an accomplished sculptor.

«The sole purpose of arts is neither description nor imitation, but the creation of unknown beings from elements which are always present, but not apparent. The true purpose of statuary is first and foremost monumental. The artwork must live as an ornament, remotely, through the harmony of volumes, plans and lines – the subject matters little.»
Raymond Duchamp-Villon