Grégoire Scalabre

Grégoire Scalabre

Sculpture integrated in Dieter Vander Velpen project - 2019


With his sculptures, Grégoire Scalabre turns out to be one of the greatest ceramists taking part in the revival of contemporary ceramics. He defies the physical properties of clay. Although close to fine arts and design, his work is first and foremost the work of an accomplished sculptor. Focusing today on unprecedented convolutions, oscillating between physical fluidity and geometry, Grégoire Scalabre resolutely maintains a highly thorough craftsmanship which has henceforth become his signature, as well as a finely mastered savoir-faire. These creations constitute a new technical challenge, highlighted by the spraying of black marble powder and the metallic sheen of jasper-like bronze patina.

Photography © Patricia Goijens


Modern Shapes Gallery
sculptural ceramics