Brigitte Marionneau

Contenir le Vent 9-XI #1

Brigitte Marionneau - 2020

H 18 x W 15 x D 15 cm View other works and artist info

It is not easy to describe the stages of creation and its sequences, born of a unique research and intention every time. The mystery of these dense volumes, closed in on themselves, cannot be breached. There is a hidden life running through them, and the opaque mass attracts and seduces in the same way an enigma does.

These ceramic sculptures become totally black and opaque abstract forms as each piece is carefully polished to obtain a velvety surface. Refined forms, built in stages as in architecture. The carbon black is obtained by a sawdust combustion process in a closed metal muffle. The contrast of the planes, sometimes textured, sometimes smooth, allow the light to animate and invigorate each sculpture.


Brigitte Marionneau
Ceramic art at Modern Shapes Gallery