G. Couffignal

Guillaume Couffignal does not make Art Brut, Art Singulier, or outsider art. There may never be a word or name for the exquisite sculpture this self-taught artist makes. Of one thing we can be sure; it isn’t mainstream. Perhaps best of all, it answered very few questions, if it answered any, without giving up any of its power.

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Architecture 4
Guillaume Couffignal  
Architecture #3
Guillaume Couffignal  
Architecture #2
Guillaume Couffignal  
Architecture #1
Guillaume Couffignal  

Artist-founder knowing the technique on the fingertips, Guillaume Couffignal excels at finding this particular moment of perfect harmony of form and substance. It goes to the essential and its “boats”, its “theaters” are visions sublimated and stripped, sculptures whose footprint durably marks the retina. Couffignal has learned to control accident, to shape it till it submits to his own needs. This is an alchemical concept and ultimately he is the image who gives “it” its poetry. These pieces do give architecture to their poetry. And in the ultimate trickster move you reach out expecting to touch wood or clay and despite the seeming fragility and thinness of the material your hand encounters bronze, eternal, classic and rendered completely wild by Couffignal. “To sculpt is to remove the flesh until you feel the skeleton under your fingers , the original substance of everything”