Juan Orti

Juan Ortí is based in Valencia, Spain. He uses the wheel as a machining tool to produce parts to be assembled. This process creates a cold feeling to the objects but by reducing the amount of visual information he focuses the viewer on just a few small but profound details.

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Sculptural interpretations of geometric architectural forms seen frequently in everyday life. The visual information in his work is beautifully reduced, bringing an elegance to the typically soulless, stark industrial forms. Do not expect to find many ornaments or superfluous elements in the works of Ortí. He uses the wheel and lathe to recreate the purity of forms of the most functional manifestations of industrial or agricutural architecture. Turning simplicity and functionality into pure beauty. The texture of the objects is dry and soft, catching dramatic lighting perfectly and giving the table-size sculptures the illusion of building-size scale. Ortí does not completely eliminate the process marks, but leaves the subtle tooling from the rotating process, details that remind the viewer of the origins and actual scale of their experience – a reality check.